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The Print Manager

(z/VSE and earlier platforms) Support for "compatibility-mode", continuous-form 3800 laser printing. It enhances the VSE Spooling and Printing subsytems by providing a greater level of control for the print operator - and it reduces cost of operation by saving both time and material when using Siemens/Ocè printers.


(z/OS, OS/390 and MVS) Both powerful and "truly-unbelievable" time savings and operational benefits are realized when your data is managed by this user-defined Online Data Query and Reporting tool - in a CICS environment. All setup, new application definition and file structure(s) are done without programming!

Special search engines provide sub-second response to nearly every query. The speed of data collection and statistics generation puts each user in the Fast Lane!


Contract Systems Support

Our experienced staff is available to provide short-term - and in special cases, long-term - systems support for customers who prefer and require a stable Operating Environment. Our background in Telecommunications, TCP/IP, Networking and nearly every IBM Operating System is second to none. Our fees and policies will pleasantly surprise you!

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