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Our Origin

We are a privately held California Corporation started in 1993 to provide alternative software solutions for DOS/VSE and MVS based applications. In today's marketplace, we offer solutions for both z/VSE and z/OS platforms - and the many releases between "now" and 40 years ago, when we incorporated.

Our Charter

... and promise to you ... is to provide new and innovative software products with 7-day, 24-hour support - and fair and reasonable pricing. You may not believe that we have not raised our product prices since their introduction - in 1994; but it is true. Over the years, we have also offered similar on-call assistance to many companies who were not customers! Thus, we are honored to have many friends in the Mainframe community.

We are also pleased to say that anyone calling us has never talked, and will never talk, to a machine whether seeking assistance or information; and, equally important, if not more so, if the person they reach first does not know the answer to their question(s), the very next person with whom they speak will!

Our Company

The core strength of our organization is based on individuals with 40 or more years of data processing experience. Few, modern technology companies have that depth of experience.

Our customers have comprised a diverse group - from many industries - including: Insurance, Banking, Catalog Sales, Direct Mail, the Entertainment Industry, Municipal Utilities and more. They all rate us highest among their vendors for Technical Support, Ease of Use and Response to Needs.

Much of our development time is dedicated to implementing customer-suggested product improvements that benefit the entire group. If we overlooked or omitted a great feature, we expect someone to tell us! Thus, our perspective on suggestions and/or changes is very basic:

"If you want or need something badly, there is a good chance we'll do it.
If it is something that will benefit nearly everyone; there is a great chance we'll do it!"

In-depth knowledge of IBM's Operating Systems - from z/VSE and z/OS on down through all prior releases - provides the strength of our development staff. Our VSE laser printing products support both IBM's POWER and SPI's SPRI.

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